We’re a group of quants, offering our proprietary quantative analytics inflection numbers to retail and institutional futures traders looking for a competitive trading advantage. Our forecasts are very accurate, and at times, among the most accurate in the very competitive trading industry. From time to time, we post screen grabs of emails sent earlier in the day, on our Twitter page.

We offer a unique four times per trading day, email service for $10/day x 22 trading days = $220USD per month.
We provide the following, Monday to Friday:
At exactly 8:45amET, we send out an email with the highest probability inflection numbers for the CL (WTI/OIL futures on the CME) session. These numbers can be used for the rest of the day.

At exactly 9:25amET, we send out an email with the highest probability inflection numbers for the S&P500 futures market, better known as the ES (Eminis) futures. These can be used until the end of the day, but an hour later, we send out an updated, more precise analytical forecast for the rest of the day.

Around 10:20amET-ish, we email an updated forecast with the highest probability long and short inflection numbers and show potential profits to either of those four targets, as well as the most appropriate over/under number for the day. There is an approximate 84% probability that two/four targets will be reached before 4:14pmET.

Monday to Thursday between 5pmET to 6pmET, and Sunday morning's, we email key inflection numbers for seven CME CME Group trading trading markets in one PDF and include a separate PDF for the overnight U.S. equity futures market (S&P500, Nasdaq and Dow futures, that start at 6pmET, when the CME Globex session opens). We include analytics for the following markets:

Commodities: CL (WTI oil futures) and GC (Gold futures). These are for the 'Globex session'. For the CL, the inflection numbers in our daily 8:45amET email are update and applicable until the 4:59pmET session end.

Equities: NQ (Nasdaq futures), ES (S&P500 futures), YM (Dow futures) and RTY (Russell 2,000 index futures). These are for the 'open outcry' session.

Bonds (ZB futures, 30 year treasury).These inflection numbers are for the 'open outcry' session.

Inside the emails are 4/5 sets of high probability inflection numbers of significant importance to watch for during that trading day.

NOTE: These inflection numbers are 'not' traditional standard support/resistance numbers which are available in most trading platforms, and give zer competitive advantage vs. other traders. From time to time, we include additional trading tips to improve your potential daily profit outcome.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Please note, one month is the smallest time frame available. We respond to emails promptly and are active on Twitter every trading day.

Any questions you can reach us directly: hello@infinituscapital.ca
We respond to emails quickly.